Janhvi Kapoor having fun with friends and boyfriend

Recently, Janhvi Kapoor has shared photos of her having fun with friends and boyfriend on her social media account.

 In the photos, Jhanvi Kapoor is being seen in many different styles. In this picture, Jhanvi Kapoor is wearing a yellow color dress.

 Most of the photos in the photos are of Jhanvi Kapoor and Orhan Agnihotri. Fans have liked this look of Jhanvi Kapoor in the photos.

 These photos of Jhanvi Kapoor are not taking their eyes off. Fans are very fond of this look of Jhanvi Kapoor.

 The friend circle of the actress is visible in this photo. Jhanvi has shared a collage of photos, these pictures are now being liked by the fans.

Fans are commenting fiercely on the photo. One user wrote - Cute photos Another user wrote - Stunning look.

 Jhanvi Kapoor is busy shooting for her new film these days. Jhanvi will be seen in her next film Bawal which will also feature Varun Dhawan.