Janhvi Kapoor came on the streets wearing a nightie, fans said - you are in your senses ...

 In a very short time, Jhanvi Kapoor has become a huge fan following on social media, now she has become a famous face of Bollywood.

 There are times when she becomes a victim of the indifference of trolls. Once again the trolls have targeted her.

 Last night, Jhanvi along with some of her friends had reached a food outlet in Mumbai to have dinner. Jhanvi Kapoor after getting off the car here

 While entering, he posed in front of the paparazzi. During this, pictures and videos are dominated on social media.

 In a video, Jhanvi Kapoor's style and her confidence are being seen. Jhanvi wore black for dinner

Where fans are not tired of praising Jhanvi Kapoor's style. At the same time, trolls have started targeting her.

 A person has written, did you come wearing a nightie? Another person has written, the dressing sense of these people is not understood.

This year is very special for Jhanvi Kapoor. At present, Jhanvi has many big films in her account.