fitness secrets of jhanvi kapoor

Jhanvi Kapoor is not only famous for her acting and dance, but she is also a fitness freak.

Jhanvi Kapoor always remains in the news due to her fitness. Jhanvi never misses her workout session.

Along with her performance in films, Jhanvi is also seen sweating in the gym. But not everyone knows the secret of fitness of this actress.

 Today we will tell you some fitness secrets of Jhanvi Kapoor.

If Jhanvi is not preparing for a role in a film, then she does light workouts.

 Jhanvi Kapoor exercises hip race as the first workout. After this Jhanvi does butterfly hip race.

Jhanvi Kapoor repeats the hip exercise in several sets for about 20-30 minutes.

 Jhanvi Kapoor does a lot of weightlifting and cardio exercises to tone the muscles.

Jhanvi Kapoor does not just stick to the gym to keep herself fit, but also practices yoga.

 Apart from gym and yoga, Jhanvi's workout routine also includes jogging and swimming.

Janhvi Kapoor incorporates some functional training and dancing in her routine to keep her weight in balance.

Like the workout routine, Jhanvi follows her diet plan very carefully.

To maintain fitness, Jhanvi Kapoor avoids the consumption of junk foods and sugary things.