These are the places to visit in the month of June.

Summer season is coming to an end. The sun has just set and it is raining intermittently. Such a season is perfect for traveling.

 The weather is cool and cloudy before the monsoon starts. At times like these, some areas get pretty messy.

 Let's take a look at some of the best destinations to visit in the month of June.

 Meghalaya is really cloudy when the monsoon starts. All over Meghalaya this month will be pleasant with showers.

The entire region of Goa, which is hot in summer, cools down in the month of June. Go to Goa in June to enjoy the cloudy skies and the cool breeze blowing over the sea.

 The monsoon will have a major impact on Kerala. That is why before the onset of the monsoon, the entire climate of Munnar becomes cloudy and pleasant with cool winds.

Pondicherry is very special when it starts to rain. All the streets here forget the Foreign Streets. So add Pandey to your travel list for the month of June.

 Darjeeling is the perfect destination in West Bengal for the monsoon season. The feeling of being able to add to the beauty of Darjeeling is indescribable.

 Traveling by boat is a beautiful experience when it is raining. go to Alappuzha in Kerala in June for a similar experience.