If money is transferred to the wrong account then get it back like this

 The functioning of the bank has become very easy with digital banking.

 However, along with this, the cases of risk have also increased.

 Here we are telling you some easy ways, by which you can get back the money that went to the wrong account.

Wherever you transfer money, you get a message and email to deduct money from your account.

Make sure to check the message and email after transferring the money.

With this, you can immediately know whether the money has gone to the wrong account or not.

If you have remitted money by mistake, inform your bank without delay.

 If the account in which the money has gone is from another bank or branch, then there may be a delay in getting the money back.

 In such cases, it may take up to two months for the money to be refunded.

You will get information from your bank about which bank branch has processed the transaction.You can directly contact the same bank branch.

The concerned bank branch will contact the person and seek consent to return the money, whose account has been mistakenly debited.

 If the person refuses to return the money, then RBI has made a rule for this also.

 If you make a payment or send money to someone, then in the message of deducting money from the account, it is necessary to ask whether you have done this transaction by mistake.

 It is also necessary to provide a number or email in that message.

 If the money is transferred by mistake or has gone to the wrong account, then immediately complain on that number or email.