Such actress wears braless dress

Funny video of the most handsome IAS engagement

Athar Aamir Khan, the most handsome IAS and Tina Dabi's ex-husband, is going to get married once again.

Recently he has engaged with Dr. Mehreen Qazi. Both will tie the knot in October.

People are very fond of the pictures and videos of the engagement of both.

A funny video of the engagement is also becoming increasingly viral on social media.

In this, Athar is seen signing an engagement contract which was made by his sisters-in-law.

It was written in this contract, 'Athar will always accept Mehreen is right every time.'

'They will take Mehreen 2-3 times a year to go abroad and Mehreen will buy whatever she wants, whenever she wants.'

Athar was also happily seen accepting this contract.

Like Athar, Mehreen is also from Kashmir. This couple was looking very classy in the engagement.

Mehreen's Instagram profile reveals her traveling passion.

Athar also has a lot of craze among girls because of his handsome look.