It is very easy to make spongy vadas, just remember these thing

The real fun of Dahi Vada comes only when they are soft to eat.

There are some easy tips that you too can learn to make soft, spongy dahi vadas by following them.

To make Dahi Vada, first of all, the method of soaking the lentils should be correct. Soaking the lentils for 5-6 hours will make the lentils swell well and will also be easy to grind.– Never soak all the pulses together for Dahi Vada.

Many people add salt while soaking the lentils, in fact doing so prevents the vadas from swelling.

Just like each dal has been soaked separately, in the same way, grinding each lentil separately and making vadas become very soft.

To make the vadas more delicious, use only the water of soaked lentils to grind the lentils.

Mix the paste in a big vessel and whisk it well in one direction for 10-15 minutes. This makes the vadas soft.

The vadas are not too hard when fried on medium flame.

After putting the vadas in the oil, keep pouring hot oil on them. By doing this big flowers will also grow and their shape will also become round and round.