How to make Muskmelon smoothie

Muskmelon found in summer is very good for health. But most people do not like to eat it directly. So let's make a tasty smoothie with this.

 Now let's see how to make a muskmelon smoothie that works like a good energy drink in summer.

Muskmelon (one), milk (one cup), honey (one tablespoon), ginger (small piece), pepper powder (pinch), vanilla ice cream (one cup)

 Peel a squash, grinde it and squeeze the juice.

 Now add milk, honey, ginger piece, pepper powder and a cup of vanilla ice cream along with the pieces, add a little water and blend in a mixer.

Once the mixture is soft add two ice cubes in it and blend in the mixer once again to make a cool Muskmelon smoothie.

Sugar can also be added to sweets in this smoothie. Coconut water and lemon juice can also be added if desired.

 This smoothie works well to boost immunity in summer and keep the body hydrated.

 The nutrients Muskmelon are good for hair and skin beauty. BP is kept under control.