Making Motichur Laddu at home.

This sweet is a must have in the wedding auspicious feast. These are also offered to God. Now let's know more details about this laddu preparation. 

Ingredients required for preparation 2 cups of chickpea flour; Milk: Liter; Cardamom powder: teaspoon; Ghee: Three cups; Pistachios, almonds: enough for decoration: Sugar: 2 cups; Water : 3 cups : Ghee : 3 cup

 Add sugar and water in a bowl and cook until it becomes a paste.

 Now mix the milk in the sugar syrup and add the cardamom powder after it becomes frothy. Keep this prepared aside.

 Now make a mixture by adding enough milk to the gram flour.

 Heat ghee in a pan. In the heated ghee, slip the gram flour mixture in the form of boondi. Fry the boondi slices until golden in color.

Now mix the pre-made paste in the prepared boondi.

 Add some hot water to this mixture and roll it into brownies.

That's it, Motichur Ladoo is ready. This dish can be made as an offering to God on festive occasions as well.