How to clean tea stains on clothe

 Stubborn tea stains do not go away even after rubbing the cloth a lot.

 No matter how good the detergent is used, but it does not remove the stain.

If you have tea stains on your clothes, then by using some home tips, you can get rid of these stubborn stains.

 As soon as the tea drops, immediately soak the cloth in lukewarm water. After this, where there is a stain, clean it with detergent soap.

 After cleaning with detergent, squeeze lemon juice on the stained area and dry the cloth in the sun.

 Lemon cleanser works well as a bleaching agent.

 You can also remove dark tea stains by applying toothpaste that cleans your teeth instead of the stain.

 After rubbing salt on the tea stained area, drying the cloth in the sun reduces the stains.

 Tea stains appear, after rubbing the soap on the cloth, drying it in the sun will lighten the stain.

 Cut a left piece of potato and rub it on the tea stain, it reduces the blemish.