In this way you can increase the battery life of the phone

Many people complain that the battery of their phone is not working. Battery draining quickly or charging very slowly.

 To keep the phone's battery fit for a long time, you should take special care of some things.

 If you take care of these things in your daily routine, then you will definitely be able to increase the life of the battery. Let's know how to take care of the battery.

The phone should not be kept on charge for hours. This has a bad effect on the battery.

avoid charging the phone's battery to 100%. Charge up to 80 to 90 percent only.

Similarly, if the phone's battery has come down to 20 percent, then put it on charge immediately. Quit the habit of using a charger on a very low battery.

 Many people always keep Bluetooth and location on in their smartphone. This drains the battery quickly.

The 'Always On Display' feature present in the phone should also be turned off.

 Many people do not close background apps while using the phone. This also affects the battery life.