Do not stand and drink water.. Do you know why?

Many people have a habit of standing up to drink water

 If you drink standing up the water will go straight.. you will not get the nutrition you need

If water is not consumed properly it can lead to many health problems

 According to Ayurveda.. if we sit and exercise, the body will benefit greatly

This is the reason why our elders have always told us to eat while sitting and drink water like this

Our body is made up of 70% water, but we lose a lot of water every day

Vitamins that should be received when drinking in the right way do not reach the liver and digestive system.

 Allu Arjun invited by 'Federation of Indian Association'.

So that the impurities that need to go out reach the kidneys and bladder.

If you do that.. it stimulates the nervous system.. the nutrients are wasted

Hence the sitting water . They tell me to drink