India gained independence in 1947 after being ruled for 200 years. On January 26, 1950, the country was designated a 'Sovereign Democratic ...

india turned  into a secular and democratic based nation on this day

schools, universities and others instructive organizations commend this day with extraordinary grandeur and show

The Constitution of India was adopted on November 26, 1949 but came into effect on January 26.

on this day ,all the workplaces and establishments stay close as this day is a national occasion.

The Delhi Republic Day parade is the largest and most important of the parades marking the Republic Day celebrations in India. 

On this day, flag hoisting ceremonies and parades by armed forces are held at Rajpath, New Delhi

Republic Day celebration. On January 26th, Republic Day is celebrated all over India with a lot of enthusiasm. In Delhi.

It's the day India decided to fight for complete freedom. The first Republic Day was celebrated on January 26, 1950,

.In the year 2022, it will mark India's 73rd Republic Day