Get ready for 5G, know its benefit

The auction for 5G telecom spectrum has ended recently. It is believed that the countrymen can get the facility of 5G service soon.

 The arrival of 5G will completely change the experience of internet users. Users will get very fast internet speed.

 Mobile companies are already doing different tests related to 5G internet service.

It is being claimed that the internet speed will be 10 times higher than the current 4G internet speed.

It is being claimed that users can get speeds of up to 10Gbps in 5G.

That is, a movie will be downloaded (HD quality) in just a few seconds.

 After the introduction of this new generation of telecom network, users will have less problems like call drops.

 This is because the latency rate (time taken to send and receive information) of 5G is much better than that of 4G.

 Users will be able to make video calling in HD quality through social networking apps and websites.

Experts claim that the arrival of this service can revolutionize sectors like agriculture, business, education and health.