Here are the fitness secrets of RRR actors.

 It is known that the recently released RRR movie is creating records. However, all the actors in it look very fit.

Do you want to know the fitness secrets of the actors who acted in this movie and what is their diet.

Ram Charan gives more importance to fitness. He wrestles in the gym for hours a day.

 Ram Charan takes the help of his wife Upasana regarding diet. Follows a strict diet to stay fit during shooting times.

 NTR does a lot of cardio and weight training exercises to stay fit. Also take Zero Fat High Protein Diet.

Ajay Devgn, who looks fit at the age of 50, never forgets to do workouts every day. Do 45 minutes of cardio workouts daily.

Ajay says he eats what he likes without avoiding food in the name of diet. But stay moderate and fit with exercise.

 Alia does most of her yoga and stretching exercises to stay fit. Take a healthy diet with celery.