exercise for healthy hair.

 Everyone wants long and thick hair. But pollution and bad food damage your hair. In today's let's know in detail about the exercises that you can keep your hair healthy by practicing daily.

 To do this exercise, first of all, stand straight by laying your yoga mat. Keep your spine straight.

 Now bend the waist and lean forward. Do not bend your knees during this time.

 Now touch your nose with your knees and try to touch your feet. Stay like this for a while.

By practicing this exercise daily, you get rid of stress. In this way it also improves the growth of your hair.

 Keep your knees on the ground, keeping your upper body straight. Try rolling your shoulders back.  Move the hips, chest and thighs back as well.

 By doing this, blood circulation in your body gets better. Also it provides relief from stress.

Jogging for at least half an hour daily increases blood circulation from your body to your scalp. This leads to the growth of your hair.

Do these exercises daily for faster hair growth.