Do this work in summer, you will get coolness

People take different measures to get cool from the summer season.Most people use ice and cold things for cooling.

different solutions

Snow gives coolness in summer, but it does not last long In such a situation, some necessary measures have to be taken to get cool in summer.

use of ice

Today we will tell you about some such things, by eating and doing, you will get coolness inside during the summer days.

follow these steps

 Generally people use ice during the summer days.This makes them feel cold at that time, but in fact it increases the heat level in the body.

 heat level

Consuming ice has an effect on the body.So avoid drinking ice or refrigerator water.Instead, give preference to pot water.

don't drink ice

People believe that they eat heavy and simple food.Still there is a burning sensation in the chest It is also because you make a very long gap between two miles.

food on time

In this case, food should be taken on time.Because by not eating food on time, the heat level in the body also increases and due to this you can also have problems with bile.

problem will go away

Whenever you feel that you are feeling hot in summer, then you should apply cold oil on your body like jasmine, khus and sandalwood oil.

cold oil

If you want to keep your body cool, then you should eat watermelon, cantaloupe, pear, apple, berries, plums etc regularly.

 eat these things