Keep skin glow in monsoon like this

 It is very important to take special care of the skin in monsoon because the problem of stickiness on the skin increases in this season. Let's know what to apply for glowing skin this season-

Use green tea face pack to avoid aging in this season. For this, mix 1 teaspoon green tea powder in 2 teaspoons curd and apply on the face.

Use apple to keep the skin clean in monsoon. For this, mix milk and sugar in a small half apple paste and apply it while scrubbing the face.

 Use banana face pack this season to reduce facial pimples. For this, mix honey and lemon juice in a paste of ripe banana and apply it on the neck and face.

 If you have oily skin then you need to take extra care in this season. For this, mix lemon juice, rose water and turmeric in gram flour and apply it on the face.

 If your skin is dry, then mix curd and honey in gram flour and apply it on the face. This will get rid of skin related problems in monsoon.

 Actually, due to moisture, sweat and dirt in monsoon, there is a problem of infection and acne on the skin. In such a situation, by applying face pack, the face is clean and the skin also gets nourishment.

Just putting a face pack on the skin is not enough. Therefore, after cleaning the face with face pack, apply some toner and moisturizer. This makes the skin shiny.