Deepika Padukone made Ranveer Singh's birthday special like this

 Deepika Padukone's 'Adventure' side was seen on Ranveer Singh's birthday

 This cute couple of Bollywood were seen playing their personal 'Man Vs Wild' in America

 Deepika-Ranveer, who roam in expensive vehicles in Mumbai, did fun stunts with bicycles in the mountains

Deepika cycles on the roadside amidst the mountains, where Ranveer is also seen in the shadows with her.

 Seeing these photos of Deepika Ranveer, showing  their cute love each of them

 By sharing these photos, Deepika wished Ranveer a Happy Birthday and said – keep the adventure in life

Deepika shared this beautiful photo from the middle of the mountains, fans were stunned by her smile

 Deepika and Ranveer also made their footprints on the sand here, seeing which everyone is sighing.

Deepika-Ranveer, who returned after refusing a vacation in the US, were spotted walking hand in hand at the airport.