Cute video by Sitara and Namrata

Namrata made her debut on the Telugu screen with Mahesh Babu starrer Vamsi. These two fell in love with that movie.

Photos of Mahesh Babu, Namrata, Gautham and Sithara are trending on the net. Mahesh Babu's family pics are full craze.

Namrata takes care of all the caring of Gautham and Sithara. Humility is also mischievous with children.

Namrata mostly posts about Sitara. Sitara talks about steps and reel videos.

Mahesh Babu mostly plans vacations. Mahesh Babu goes abroad with his family.

 Sitara is mostly in active mode online. She shared photos of her family and friends. Mother is active on the net just like Nhamrata.

Currently, Mahesh Babu's family is abroad. London has been buzzing for the past few days.

Namrata New York Diaries, Dubai Diaries, US Diaries gives updates related to vacations.

 Namrata and Sitara are currently enjoying their vacation. My little bestie shared a video of her roaming the streets of London..