Cool-casual wardrobe of TV actress Hina Khan

Be it planning a summer outing, going on a brunch date or just enjoying with your friends, this floral print sheer criss-cross frock from Hina is the best for every occasion.

 Hina looks like a bubbly baby girl in this cute cotton midi dress. For a summer outing, if you have something like this in your wardrobe, it's okay!

 Denim is an all season hit outfit. Hina's high slit denim skirt-spaghetti top and denim outer adds a total factor to the look.

 Featuring a six-pocket lower-t-shirt, yellow cap and sports shoes, this look by Hina is not only inspiring, but perfect for outing-shopping.

 Another casual, comfortable yet gorgeous look from Hina. Pair your look with sunglasses too, you will look rocking.

 Pair anything with a skirt, shorts or jeans with this eye-catching printed tie-top and enhance your summer look.

 Another wearable look of Hina. The specialty of this printed pant suit look outfit is that no matter how you carry it with and without jacket, it will look good.

In summers, it is different when it comes to light pastel colors and cool cotton or linen fabrics. This wearable luck of Hina is comforting.

 Wearing loose palazzo and blouse top in bean print, this vintage look of Hina is very trendy and comfortable paired with beautiful earrings and matte finish makeup.

 Can take inspiration from Hina Khan for summer weddings