chiranjeevi ram charan in ugadi  celebrations

Ugadi Celebrations .. The Ugadi festival was richly organized at the Mega House.  Chiranjeevi posted a post saying Ugadi wishes to all.

Father and son .. Everyone knows the relationship between Chiranjeevi and Ram Charan.  Everyone seems to think that the father is the inferior son.

Away from social media .. Ram Charan stays away from social media.  Occasionally posts like that.  However, Ram Charan's posts are going full viral.

Pet Lover .. Everyone knows that Ram Charan is a pet lover.  He has a great love for dumb creatures.  Charan has a pet named Rhyme.

Ayyappamala .. Devotion to Ram Charan is high.  Ayyappa mala wears a every year.  Even now Cherry Ayyappa wears a garland.

With RRR .. RRR starring Ram Charan NTR co-starred in the blockbuster hit.  The friendship between the two appeared in every frame of the film.

Chiruto Charan .. It is known that Ram Charan is doing a special role in Chiranjeevi Acharya movie.  Tack that these two will appear together for about 30 minutes.

Rhythm in worship .. Ram Charan appeared in Ugadi Puja.  Rhyme was also running along with Cherry.

Chiru Pujas .. The noise of cherries and rhymes The Ugadi festival was held in a mega house.  The Chiru couple worshiped by placing photos of their fathers near the maps of the gods.  His pet rhyme with Ram Charan was also seen in the worship room.