Want healthy-life?  Do this

Our lifestyle and habits determine our health.  Knowingly or unknowingly consuming foods can damage your body

 Follow these tips to prevent that from happening again.

Proteins derived from animal products are dangerous.  Meat and dairy products contain the carcinogenic hormone IgF1.  So do not take these beyond a limit.

Instead, plant-based proteins such as beans, quinoa, and legumes should be given high priority in the diet.

Do not sit in one place for hours no matter how important the task.  Many studies have shown that doing so can lead to lung, breast and colon cancer.

To avoid this, get up for at least two hours and turn around for a while.  The body should be tilted slightly.

If you do not get enough sleep, you will not be able to concentrate.  Decreased speed in organ function.  There are many side effects.

The main problem facing this generation is vitamin D deficiency.  This condition can lead to asthma in children and cardiovascular disease in adults, diabetes and cancer.

To avoid this threat, the body needs to be exposed to sunlight.  Walking in the sun for a while every morning .. should be done sitting.

Make it a habit to exercise regularly every day.  Exercise improves physical and mental health.