cricketer hardik pandya was once poor, used to fill his stomach with Maggi

Gujarat Titans team captain Hardik Pandya left his mark once again in the 15th season of IPL.

 Gujarat Titans won the title under Hardik's captaincy. There is a lot of discussion about Hardik's captaincy.

 Hard work and struggle have been behind Hardik's success. This player, who lives a very luxury life today, 

 It is not known when a person reaches the floor from the floor. On Hardik, this seems absolutely correct.

 Hardik's childhood was spent in Muflissi. Father's income was nothing special. There was a time when they used to eat only one meal at a time.

 This was the reason that due to less money, Hardik used to eat only Maggi sometimes.

 Actually, in 2010, the father had a heart attack and he could not do the job again. There was financial crisis in the house.

 Hardik did not stop playing cricket and faced hunger and thirst, sticking to his goal only and only.

Today Hardik drives in an expensive car and wears only watches worth crores of rupees.

Hardik does commercials for many big bands. Hardik also has an expensive house in Mumbai.