This is the Alia Bhatt fitness formula.

Do you know what kind of care Alia Bhatt takes to look so beautiful while attracting everyone with her amazing performance in RRR?.

 What is the fitness plan of Alia Bhatt, who has come out of obesity and is fully fit.

 Alia does not follow a very strict diet to maintain fitness. Only some basic diet formulas are followed.

 Alia does more stretching exercises and yoga to stay flexible without losing fitness

 Alia eats something every three hours. Also take food six times a day..

Alia makes breakfast daily before 8am. In the morning take poha, eggs, fruits, peanuts, low fat milk.

Lunch includes vegetables, lentils, bread as well as yoghurt and fruits. Occasionally eats quinoa and chicken as well.

Eat foods high in fiber at dinner at night. Takes veggies or legumes.

When asked about fitness, Alia says, "It is not good to eat repeatedly, but to make it a habit to drink water when you are hungry."