Alia had her first boyfriend in the sixth grade, the best friend of the actress revealed the secret

 There are many actresses in the Bollywood industry who are known for their friendship. Apart from Kareena-Malaika, Shanaya-Ananya, Alia also has a special friendship with Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor.

Akanksha and Alia used to study together in the same school in Juhu. Akanksha has now come into the limelight once again after the marriage of Alia and Ranbir Kapoor.

Akanksha and Alia had talked about their friendship some time back. Both the actresses discussed each other's positive and negative things.

Akanksha had told that when I am angry, she always keeps calling and I always hang up the phone. Then she messages. She screams a lot during fights. Although we rarely fight.

 Akanksha told that Alia's first boyfriend was in the sixth grade. His name was Adam. Aaliya dumped him after he dropped out of school and started a relationship with another boy.

 Akanksha said that whenever there is a problem between us, Alia gets a nightmare about me that I am dead or crying. Whenever Alia sees such a dream, she makes sure that we meet.

 Alia was asked what she dislikes about her best friend. Alia said that I do not like the way she handles her relationship. She starts judging very quickly.

 When Akanksha was asked about Alia's bad talk, she said that chill vibes come from Alia. But I think she is taking herself very seriously now and her fun side is dying out.