These are the most beautiful players of the sports world

There are many such beautiful female players in the sports world who are often in discussion. The glamorous style of some players is always in the discussion.

We are telling you about the female player of the sports world who is very beautiful.

The name of this female player is Alex Morgan, who is a very popular American footballer.

She is the most successful face of American women's football. She is part of the World Cup winning team.

Alex runs very fast, due to which his friends call her 'Baby Horse'.

She is the first female footballer to appear on the cover of a FIFA video game.

Born in California, Morgan has the status of being the World Cup champion in 2015 and 2019.

She is considered to be the top richest female footballer in the world. Alex is also quite popular on social media. she has more than 9 million followers on Instagram

Talking about all the platforms of social media, in total they are followed by more than 20 million people.