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healthy skin

Millions of people are crazy about the beauty of actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Everyone wants glowing and healthy skin like Aishwarya.

Let's know about the actress beauty secrets ...

beauty secrets

 Aishwarya keeps her skin hydrated. According to Aishwarya, this is the most important beauty regime. She drinks a lot of water to keep the skin healthy.


Moisturizer is the most important thing to keep the skin soft. The actress moisturizes the skin whenever she takes a shower.


Aishwarya believes that being happy always makes the skin happy too.

 stay happy

The actress prefers homemade food instead of bringing food items from outside. Their eating habits help in making the skin radiant.

eating habit

She mostly uses home remedies to pamper her skin.

 Home Remedies

Sunscreen is very important in summer to protect your skin from the sun. Whenever Aishwarya leaves the house, she definitely applies sunscreen.


She follows night beauty regime. Washing face before sleeping, applying skin friendly night cream.

night cream

 Aishwarya Mani Ratnam's film PS-1 will be seen on the work front.

work front