Adi, Nicki Galrani Engagement Photos

 Celebrity couple Adi Pinchetti and Nicki Galrani got engaged on March 24.

Adi and Nicky have been in love for a few years and are rumored to be getting married

 The couple engaged silently without the knowledge of the media

Industry stars who did not appear at the ceremony, which was attended only by Adi, Nicki's relatives and close friends

 Adi Pinchetti announcing engagement content and photos via social media

Nicky stars opposite Adi Pinchetti in the Tamil film 'Yagavarayinum Na Kakka'

 The couple has been in love since the release of the movie 'Malupu' which was released in Telugu

Hero Nani is the only celebrity from Tollywood to attend this engagement event

 The Snow Family, which is close to the Adi Pinchetti family, did not attend the event

 Even though Ravi Raja is close to Chiranjeevi .. a mega family who is not seen in the event