This is a fun spin on the simple ponytail that we all do to keep our hair out of our face.

 Textured Ponytail

Ananya wore a yellow lehenga by Arpita Mehta but what stood her apart was her braided ponytail.

  Braided Ponytail

 This chic side bun which Ananya wore with a chequered outfit is perfect for business meetings. Prep hair with a mousse first to get that sleek look.

  Chic side bun

Braided wreaths of hair just to keep strands of your face while the rest of your mane flows freely is such an enchanting hairstyle

Princess Prerogative

Ananya kept it cool and easy-peasy with a top knot leaving a few tendrils behind to frame her face.

   Top Knot

Ananya put all her into a low braid and added some pink strings that matched her outfit to fab it up.

  Colourful Strings

Ananya's cute space buns as they are playful and quite frankly, very spry.

   Space Buns

 High braided ponytails are not only easy to recreate but have also become a new favourite among celebrities.

 High braided ponytail

This look is a combination between textured and super sleek straight hair. For the braid part, her stylist has overlapped rope braids onto each other.

  Overlapping braids