Easy Sweets You Can Prepare For The Janmashtami

Janmashtami celebrates birth of Lord Krishna

     Lord Krishna

It is said that little Krishna was very, very fond of white butter. And thus, on Janmashtami, many households prepare a simple prasad of maakhan mishri.

  Maakhan Misri

The traditional prasad is a crumbly mixture of coriander seed powder.

     Dhaniya Panjiri

They can be prepared in many ways, and one of our favourite ways is mixing it up with ghee,desiccated coconut and sugar .

  Makhana Paag

While a lot of us are not luck to visit Mathura, this year around for Janmashtami.

    Mathura Peda

Boondi ladoo is possibly a part of almost all major Hindu celebrations, and Janmashtami is no different.

     Boondi Ladoo