benefits of coffee for hair.

Due to the natural acidic properties present in coffee, the pH level of the hair and scalp remains right. Know how coffee is beneficial for hair.

   Benefits of Coffee

Coffee is rich in flavonoids. The problem of dry hair is removed by the use of coffee. Also the hair gets nourishment.

 Hair will Become Soft

 To color the hair, you use natural dye i.e. coffee. If you mix it with henna and apply it on the hair, then the natural color will climb on the hair.

    Natural Dye

Caffeine is present in coffee, which removes the problem of hair fall and promotes hair growth.

Hair Fall Prevention

 Apply the mixture of coffee and water on the hair after shampoo. Wash the head after 2 minutes. This will act as a natural conditioner for the hair.

  Coffee Conditioner

To make coffee oil, add coffee powder with olive oil and cook it on low flame. When the oil changes color, filter it and use it after it cools down.

   Coffee Oil

Mix coffee and sugar well. Apply it on the scalp and massage it with light hands. Wash your head after half an hour.

   Coffee Hair Scrub

 To clean hair, mix coffee and water and fill in a spray bottle. Spray this mixture on the hair and then wash the hair. This will clean your hair.

 Natural Hair Cleanser

 Add coconut oil and honey to coffee. Apply the prepared mask on the hair and scalp. Wash off with clean water after 20 minutes.

  Coffee  Hair Mask