varalaxmi sarathkumar first look released from teja sajja hanuman movie


Hanu Man: Creative Director Prashant Vermadi’s unique style in creating commercial entertainers with the latest concepts. Now, once again, Prashant Varma has embarked on an innovative endeavor. Hainu-Man is ready to introduce a whole new cinematic genre to the Telugu audience through the film. Hanu-Man, directed by Prashant Verma and starring young hero Teja Sajja as the first pan-Indian superhero movie, is going to be a visual treat for the audience. The recently released film received a good response at first glance. Malvika Iyer is playing the heroine in this movie. Also, Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar will be seen in a pivotal role in the film. Chitraunit has recently released a look related to her.

Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar released her first look poster a day earlier on the occasion of her birthday over the hands of Kicha Sudeep. Varalakshmi will be seen in the role of Anjanamma in this movie. Anjanamma (Varalakshmi), who is dressed as a bride, has a coconut bonda in her hand. Caught by this, she seems to be swaying furiously, thrashing the villains. With this poster, one can understand how Varalakshmi’s character will be in the film. Zombie Reddy combo is ready to do magic once again. We know about superheroes who have amazing powers in our myths and legends. Their unprecedented powers, strengths, and fighting spirit are amazing. The hero elevations and action sequences in the superhero films thrill the audience. Also superhero movies are loved by people from all walks of life. Hainu-Man is being made in Telugu, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam and Hindi. Four young music directors are working on the film. Anudeep Dev, Hari Gaura, Jay Krish and Krishna Saurabh will compose the music for the film.

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