Urfi Javed Video: Urfi Javed’s steps staggered in heels, then the cut of the dress became trouble, fans were uncontrollable after seeing boldness

Urfi Javed Oops Moment Video: Urfi Javed was recently spotted in Mumbai wearing a strange dress. During this, pictures and videos of Urfi have surfaced on social media, in which the actress is seen being a victim of oops moment due to high heels and cut of dress.

Urfi Javed Wardrobe Malfunction Video: Social media sensation Urfi Javed dominates social media every day for his more than one daring looks. Now once again the latest look of the actress has dominated the internet and remains the talk of the town. In this video, this time it has become difficult for Urfi Javed to enter the public domain by experimenting with his dress. 

dress made by joining pieces

In the latest video, Urfi Javed is wearing a one-piece with a thin strap. The upper part of Urfi’s dress was made by cutting pieces of cloth which was attracting the attention of the people. Along with this, there was also a high slit in her dress. When the actress left the house wearing high heels, paparazzi gathered everywhere to click her pictures. In such a situation, Urfi (Urfi Javed Oops Moment) also became a victim of Oops Moment. 

done oops moment

Actually, when Urfi Javed was on the stairs to pose for the paparazzi, her leg was staggered due to high heels. In such a situation, due to the high slit in the dress, Urfi became a victim of Oops Moment. In the video, you can see that while walking, Urfi’s dress was flying, her undergarment was also visible from the high slit. 

Urfi Javed’s reaction

Urfi Javed has also given his reaction on social media regarding this. Sharing his video on Insta Story, Urfi Javed wrote, ‘Today there has been a little wardrobe malfunction. Don’t make it a big issue. Things like this keep happening. There is nothing to see that is not already in the world.

fashion sense talks 

Urfi Javed has achieved a big position in the fashion industry in a very short time. Be it photoshoots or spotted looks, Urfi does something odd every time for her fans and that is why she becomes the talk of the town.

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