Upasana: ‘It is not true that marriages are decided in heaven’ .. Upasana shared an interesting video on Valentine’s Day ..


Upasana: Celebrating Valentine’s Day and making big height posts on social media. On the other hand, while saying Valentine’s Day Wishes to their loved ones, they are commenting explaining the greatness of love. Recently, Ram Charan’s wife Upasana also posted an interesting video on Twitter. Upasana described the greatness of love by posting that it has been 10 years since their marriage. Here are some tips to help spouses end their relationship forever.

Upasana said on this occasion .. ‘I, Charan, have been married for ten years. Valentine’s Day is always special. These tips are a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program. Health plays an important role in marriage. So the focus should definitely be on health. Get to bed early every morning. Must be with fitness. Definitely spend time with those who like you, those who like you. This should be changed on a regular basis. Even if you have some time, you should go to the movies, gossip and go on a dinner date. If you have not done this yet, start immediately. This is very necessary for a strong bond. And all marriages are decided in heaven. But that is not true, “Upasana said.

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