Mahesh Babu RRR review: Mahesh Babu review … Rajamouli movies are different ..!

Not only in the Telugu industry .. There are many hundreds of directors in Indian cinema. Each one has its own style. But it is no small matter that they want to look number one. Now director Rajamouli is doing it. He has created record with Indian cinema with Baahubali. Now he is again created sensation once again with RRR. The film grossed Rs 223 crore on its opening day. Usually it is enough if a big movie is released .. Audiences full of theaters. But if Rajamouli’s film is released, Tollywood celebrities will also be queuing up for theaters on the first day. Many people watch the movie to compete with the common audience. Along with the star heroes, the directors, producers and technician Rajamouli celebrate the film.

Now the same thing happens. The RRR movie has already been seen by many star heroes in the industry. Heroes like Allu Arjun also said their review. Now it’s Mahesh Babu’s turn. Mahesh Babu is in the habit of watching every movie that is usually released and giving his opinion on it. He did the same now. Mahesh Babu who saw the movie RRR .. lifted Rajamouli to the sky.

Mahesh Babu first of all thanked the film unit for giving such a great film to the industry. Not only that .. Mahesh Babu wrote great about Ram Charan, Jr. NTR. Mahesh Babu took Charan and NTR’s performance to the sky,ignoring their stardom and giving life to the characters. The superstar showered compliments on the performance of the two. Mahesh Babu made a special mention of the action sequences in the film.

Apart from that, Rajamouli a master of story teller. Mahesh wrote the whole RRR movie as an epic. Mahesh Babu said that the film is beyond imagination.

Allu Arjun also shared his opinion about the movie a few hours before Mahesh Babu. He also praised the acting of Charan and NTR as well as the direction of Rajamouli.

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