tollywood industry shocked by vijays remuneration for telugu straight cinema know full detailshere

Thalapathy Vijay

Vijay Remuneration: Not to mention the craze for Tamil star hero Vijay. The films he has been making for the last while are mostly socially conscious. With this, the films were dubbed in Tamil as well as other languages ​​and became very successful. Especially in Telugu the Vijay market has grown hugely (Thalapathy Vijay).

Joru with master success ..

Everyone knows how blockbuster the Master movie that was released last year was. The film was a huge success in Telugu as well (Vijay Master movie hit).

Vijay is bursting with a series of successful films .. Now he is ready to make a straight Telugu film. The official announcement of the movie (Vijay Telugu movie) has already been released.

Vijay will be making the film under the direction of Vamshi Paidipally (Vijay Cinema with Vamshi Paidipally). The film will be shot simultaneously in Telugu as well as Tamil. Dil Raju (Dil Raju movie with Vijay) will produce the film.

However, a shocking thing about this film is now being discussed in the cine circles. Being a bilingual film, Dil Raju will be directing the film with a huge budget. However, it seems that the hero remuneration will also be at a record level (Vijay Charge for Telugu movie).

According to Tollywood sources, Vijay is reportedly taking a remuneration of Rs 100 crore for the film. If only the hero allocates a budget at this level .. Many people (Vijay Telugu movei Budget) do not calculate how much the film will cost.

However, the shooting of the film has not started yet. Success is currently busy working on the film ‘Beast’. The Beast movie, which has already finished shooting, is celebrating post-production works. Almost all of these works have also reached the final stage. The film is set to release in April (vijay beast release date).

With this, Vijay will have the opportunity to participate in Telugu and Tamil film shooting from next month. Due to Beast promotions .. Regular shooting is likely to start from March. It seems that an official statement from the film unit on this matter may be released soon. Details about the cast and crew of the film will be revealed soon (Vijay Telugu movie Updates).

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