Sudigali Sudheer: Sudigali Sudheer Engagement .. Fans in shock .. Who is that girl ..


Sudigali Sudheer: Many comedians have been introduced to Tollywood through a comedy show called Zabardast which is airing on a popular TV channel. Some of whom became heroes and impressed the audience. One of them in particular is about the tornado Sudhir. Sudhir, who started his career with Magic Shows, now has a huge craze on television. Sudhir has gained a lot of fans with his comedy timing. However, Sudhir, who is a comedian and anchor of many TV shows, has been rumored to be in love with his co-anchor Rashmi Gautam and the two are getting married soon. However, neither Sudhir nor Rashmi took the news seriously. In some TV shows, the two got married. Although it was a fake wedding, Sudhir and Rashmi seemed to find it for the fans.

Recently, a video related to Sudhir’s engagement has now come into lime light. In this video, it is said that Sudhir had an engagement with a girl. Sudhir fans are shocked by that. Who is the real girl? His fans are now searching for that. Did Sudhir really get an engagement ..? Did you run the Secret Love track with that girl.? His fans are inquiring. Never seen this girl, ever been an industry girl? Is being discussed. However, the girl’s name is Tejaswi Naidu. Sudhir’s fans are eagerly waiting to know whether Sudhir’s engagement is Nizama or Phoka. However, this engagement was done for a TV show .. It seems that all this is a false engagement.

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