shruti hassan says i dont know what to do shruthi recently tested as corona positive

Shruti Haasan: Despite reports that the impact of the Corona epidemic has waned, intermittent cases are still alarming. The news that the Omicron variant of the Third Wave in particular has caused some embarrassment has caused some tension. Corona has once again come to the fore with recent posts by some celebrities claiming that Corona has been infected while rejoicing that Corona has disappeared. Actress Shruti Haasan has recently been diagnosed with corona. Shruti herself posted on social media that she had been infected with corona positively for two days and was in home isolation.

However, the free-rotating melody becomes boring once it enters the isolation. Shruti shared the same thing with her fans on Instagram. ‘I was so bored with Corona. I do not know what to do. ‘ With this, many celebrities along with her fans are commenting that Shruti should recover quickly. Shruti Haasan replied .. With the blessings of all of you, I will come back to you soon to fully recover. However, Shruti Haasan, who is currently in good health but is still at home in isolation, posted this post.

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