Shibani Dandekar: Farhan’s wife who got tattooed her wedding date on.. Photos that went viral on Netflix ..

Usually tattooed with the name or the name of the parents who gave birth. Others tattoo their favorite names and lovers’ names. However, actress Shibani Dandekar, who recently walked seven steps with actor Farhan Akthar, got a date tattooed. Farhan Akhtar has become a multi-talented actor in Bollywood. The hero also had good success with the films ‘Bhag Milka Bhag’ and ‘Tufan’. He has been in love with model and actress Shibani Dandekar for four years and it is learned that he recently got married to her. Their wedding took place on February 21 in Khandala, Mumbai. Bollywood celebrities like Hrithik Roshan, Riyachakravarti, Anusha Dandekar, Farrakhan and others attended the Farhan-Shibani wedding. Congratulations to the new couple.

Shibani had her wedding date tattooed on her elbow. This tutu is fried to make the wedding date appear in Roman numerals. Photos related to it have now gone viral on Netflix. It is learned that Shibani had tattooed Farhan’s name on his neck in the past. Farhan Akhtar was previously married to Adhuna Babani. They also have two children, Shakya and Akira. However, the couple divorced in 2017 due to unavoidable reasons. After breaking up with Babani, Farhan seeks love in Shibani Dandekar. Recently married to her. As mentioned, Farhan Akhtar has a good rapport with Tollywood heroes. He is the one who sang the song ‘I Don’t Know’ from the movie ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ starring Mahesh Babu as the hero.

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