Kerala model Sahana found dead on her birthday, family alleges murder by husband

Malayalam model Shahana dies on her birthday in Kozhikode : Leading model and actress from Kerala, actress Shahana has passed away under suspicious who was celebrating her 21st birthday on Thursday (May 12) at her residence in Kasargod, was found hanged. At one o’clock in the morning,

Shahana’s family received a phone call saying she was dead. Shocked, Shahana’s family blames her husband Sajjad for her death. Sajjad was arrested by the police in this connection. 

Shahana was married to Sajjad in 2021. Shahana, who has beauty and acting, made her mark in the field of modeling at the young age of 20. After the marriage, there were differences between Shahana and Sajjad.  She has repeatedly complained to her parents that she has received death threats from her husband.

Model Shahana found dead in Kozhikode, husband in custody

When Shahana was finally found dead in the bathroom, the family members accused Sajjad of torturing her. Sajjad was arrested by the police. Police raided Shahana’s house and registered a case of suspicious death.

Shahana’s mother said … ‘My daughter did not commit suicide. She was killed. She has said many times that she is being tortured in Attarint. Sajjadh Tagochi Nana is making a fuss. His parents and sister also used to show hell to Shahana. 

With that, I suggested to put a separate cap. Come out of the house and stay in Addendum. Shahana told me that Sajjad was fighting for money and was behaving badly.SHe wanted to meet us on his birthday .. but he did not agree. Shahana died last night. ‘ 

ACP K Sudarshan said … ‘Shahana was rewarded for her role in the Tamil project. It seems that there was a quarrel between the spouses for that money. 

Sajjad was also late for Shahana’s birthday. With that the two once again clashed on a serious level. Shahana was later found dead in the bathroom. Sajjad was taken into custody following a complaint by Shahana’s parents. Is it murder? Or suicide? We are investigating. ‘

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