sentiment behind the release date of prabhas adi purush

Pan India star hero Prabhas is currently busy with a series of films.

He will be playing the role of Ramu in the upcoming Ramayana-style Adi Purush film directed by Bollywood star director Om Routh.

Meanwhile, the producers have revealed that the film will be released on January 12 next year as a wallpaper gift.

Although it was earlier announced that the film would be released as a Diwali gift, the producers decided to release the film in January.


However, it seems that the director has a lot of sentiment behind the release of the film in January. Director Om Routh has directed three films so far.

The first two films were released in January and were a huge success at the box office.


The director had also planned to release the film for the third time in January under his own direction, so it was officially announced that the film would be released on January 12 as a Sankranthi gift next year. We will have to wait until the release of this movie to know if the sentiment will work out in this movie too.

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