seniour actress mucherla aruna latest photo goes viral in social media


seniour actress mucherla aruna latest photo goes viral in social-media

Her eyes are lily flowers .. A Telugu girl with a mixture of beauty and performance. Star director Bharathiraja got a chance in the film with his first film. The movie directed by Bharathiraja was a super hit at that time. Suddenly that heroine craze changed. A series of opportunities in Telugu knocked on her door. So she continued her career as a top heroine for ten years. Apart from Telugu, she has acted in almost 70 films in Tamil, Malayalam and Kannada and has received critical acclaim. Can anyone remember the day in the photo above ..

He is no other .. Telugammai Muchcherla Aruna who mesmerized the audience with his lily eyes. Introduced to the Telugu screen in 1981 with the film Sitakoka Chiluka directed by renowned director Bharathiraja. The blockbuster hit was received with the first film. Suddenly Arun’s craze changed. Aruna earned Overnight Stardom with this film. After that she acted in a series of films and approached the Telugu audience.

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