Sarkaru vaari paata: Sensation with Kalavati song .. Record break as number one song in South Industry!

Kalavathi Lyrical Song

Sensation with Kalavati song

Superstar Mahesh Babu Sarkar further increased the dose of expectations with the first song throughout their song. The romantic melody song artwork impressed the audience in its pure Telugu language. Mahesh Babu, who had a good success at the box office with Sarileru Nikevvaru, wanted to come out with another film as soon as possible after that. But with the accidental arrival of the corona the plan was reversed. Director Parashuram Mahesh has powerfully prepared and persuaded a good story at Jet Speed. If we go into the record details of the first song ..

kalavathi song

After receiving success with the film Geeta Govindam, the director offered to tell a good story within a few hours of the superstar praising Parashuram. And so the government set their song. Every aspect of the film is also creating positive vibrations in the audience. Recently, the first song related to the movie was also released. Thaman is composing the music for the film.

Kirti Suresh’s first time acting with Mahesh Babu has created a good buzz for the film. Audiences believe that their combination will be very new on the silver screen. It seems that the director has designed the first song to suit his taste. The art song has created a whole new trending record on social media. The song’s lyrical video is also receiving a large number of views on YouTube.

keerthy suresh gets attention on kalavathi song

Kalavati breaks record as the most viewed song in 24 hours in South India. The item song in the movie Pushpa is U Antawa .. In 24 hours it received 12.39 million views while the art song received 12.40 million views. It also broke the old record in 20 hours. All in all, the first song created a good buzz for the film. There are still songs to be released. And we have to see in what range those songs are clicked.

The government wanted to release their song film last year. But the shooting was delayed due to the corona and was postponed. The film is expected to hit the screens this year. But Mahesh had already postponed due to RRR. The finale is set to release in May under any circumstances. The film is set to release on May 12 as Grand. And at the box office the government has to see what kind of records their song creates.

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