Samantha This is one of my favorite looks .. Tag to Pritam


Tollywood actor Samantha has been busy with a series of films while being active on social media on the other hand. Always shares updates on his new movies with fans. Also shares photos on social media with a variety of activities,that Samantha was nominated for a Critics’ Choice Film Award. Samantha flew to Mumbai to receive the award. For the award function, she wore an emerald green, black Nainika dress that made her look even more beautiful and captivated everyone with her beauty.

On this occasion, his stylist Pritam Jukalkar said that he was very stylish and ready .. He tagged these photos. Her comments that these are her favorite looks have become a hot issue among the masses. Fans commented that the photos shared by Samantha made it clear that she was focusing on the entire film after her divorce from Naga Chaitanya, and that the heroines were taking steps to compete harder.

Also Samantha, needless to say how close her stylist Pritam Jukalkar is. The bond between the two has also sparked some rumors. It is well known that people at that time said many things about the Samantha-Pritam relationship.

“It looks like a dream,” Samantha shared the photo on her Instagram profile. The caption reads, “This is one of my favorite looks.” Her fans are commenting on this. Heroines like Rashmika and Hansika also reacted.

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