samantha intresteing post about ukraine volodymyr zelensky

Samantha: Russia (Russia Ukraine War) attacks on Ukraine are still going on. Russia is not shrinking as the world demands an end to the war and a full stop to this problem. On the one hand, there are talks between the two countries, but on the other hand, Russia’s attacks are not stopping. Ukraine is also effectively repelling Russian attacks. The president of that country, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, fought Russia without turning his back. Putting aside the status of president, he enters the battlefield and incarnates as a soldier. The world is praising Zhelenzky’s courage. Everyone, regardless of country, supports Zhelensky. Many international stars have already come out in support of him and recently actress Samantha has also come out in support of Zhelensky.

Samantha posted a post on Instagram two days ago blaming Russia’s military action on Ukraine. Meanwhile, Samantha has recently responded to this issue once again. In Instagram Stories, Samantha shared a link to a news article published on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zhelensky. Samantha’s post is currently going viral.


Russia’s attacks, meanwhile, have been widely condemned. It is well known that the Russian people have taken to the streets to condemn their actions. Russian players also joined the list. Russian tennis player Anastasia Pavlyuchenkova has called for an end to the ongoing attacks on Ukraine. A statement was released on social media saying that there was a scary atmosphere among the people.

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