Samantha: Gym Trainer Junaid who said shocking things ..Sam


Tollywood star heroine Samantha is currently busy with a series of films. While making movies on the other hand .. Sam is also fully active on social media. Photoshoots from time to time .. Motivational Quotes Posts on social media about the mood he is facing. It is known that after the divorce with Naga consciousness .. a recent post about the conditions he faced .. mental state .. However, no matter how catastrophic the situation, Sam takes great care of his fitness. Doing the hardest workouts in the gym on a daily basis. Related photos .. Videos The tribe is going viral on the net.

Not only that .. by sharing his workout videos .. Sam is throwing a challenge to his followers. Also .. Sam always says great things about his gym trainer Junaid. Not to mention that his trainer is very supportive and anchored in doing all of the difficult workouts. Recently Sam Jim trainer Junaid .. said interesting things about Samantha in an interview given to a YouTube channel. Sam said that if he was an athlete he would be like Virad Kohli .. no matter how hard he said the exercise .. without saying no .. do it again .. he says I will try. Also .. Sam is very aggressive .. always wants to do difficult things .. I am inspired to see Samantha. She does workouts regularly every day. Junaid said that she did a lot of workouts for the song ‘Oo Antawa’ in the movie ‘Pushpa’. Samantha is now starring in the movie Yashoda. Shakuntalam, starring San, is currently in post-production.

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