Samantha gives Serious Warning… I’m silent does not mean I have to admit it….

Samantha gives Serious Warning

we all know that few months back Akkineni is divorced from Samantha Nagachaitanya. She has been keeping a series of films in line to get out of the pain of divorce and has been busy making films from time to time.

At one point Nagachaitanya’s fans broke up with her but she remained silent without losing her composure. But now it has become interesting to give her warning in an unexpected way. If you go into those details

Samantha, who fell in love with Akkineni and married Nagachaitanya, later announced that she was getting a divorce. Samantha went to court as she could not stand the fact that some people were making various propaganda and various articles about their personal lives.

The court at the time also sided with Samantha and advised her to be extra careful as she would have to speak in various ways if such personal matters were to be exposed. However, Samantha did not heed the court’s instructions, as she was interested in expressing her thoughts on social media.

I’m silent does not mean I have to admit it

Some of the warnings she made recently on social media have now become interesting. Do not misunderstand that she’s ignoring my silence, I’m silent does not mean I have to admit it, pity is my weakness, but she seems to have given someone a direct warning that even that pity will have an expiration date. It is unknown at this time what she meant by this statement.

After the announcement of the divorce, Samantha completed the shooting of the Telugu movie Shakuntalam and the movie is ready for release. Directed by Gunasekhar, the film stars Samantha Shakuntala in the lead role. On the other hand Samantha starred in a movie with Vijay Sethupathi Nayantara directed by Nayantara’s boyfriend Vignesh Sivan. The film is also set to release soon.

Apart from this, Samantha is playing the role of a heroine in a movie called Yashoda. Shooting for the film is currently in full swing. On the other hand it is also part of an international project. In addition to that, she has been selected as the heroine in the upcoming movie Vijay Devarakonda Shiva Nirvana Combination. She is also getting a series of offers from Bollywood and she has to finalize them.

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