Samantha: Hard time … Samantha video goes viral

Star heroineSamanthaFull became busy. Naga has returned to single status after divorcing Chaitanya. Also, now she is completely focused on movies. Along with Telugu and Tamil, she has been busy making films in Bollywood as well.

 Sam is always active on social media as well. Sharing many things related to him .. will be in touch with his fans. However, the latest video made by Samantha is now going viral. Along with this video, Samantha posted that 2022-23 is a physically very stressful time for her as she has a strong body and a strong mind.

Samantha has been focusing on fitness for the last while. Samantha recently lifted heavyweights in a video shared on Instagram. Sam surprises everyone by lifting heavy weights easily under the supervision of his trainer Junaid. 

Also made a comment in this regard. With a strong body and a strong mind, Samantha posted that 2022-23 was a physically very stressful time for her. With this, Sam’s post is now going viral, and fans who have seen Samantha Fitness are surprised to say wow.

Sam is currently working on two Pan India projects, Shakuntalam and Yashoda. Soon these movies are ready to entertain the fans. Raj & DK on the other hand is ready to work with. Varun Dhawan is playing the lead role in this Bollywood film. 

She also signed on for another Hollywood movie, Arrangements of Love, with Vijay Devarakonda, directed by Shiva Nirvana. Sam is also rumored to be starring in another Bollywood movie with Akshay Kumar. Everyone knows about the item song that Sam did in Pushpa 2. It seems that Samantha will also be entertaining the fans with her special song in another Pushpa 2.

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