Samantha Fire Trolls.. Says Stop making such comments


Tollywood star heroine Samantha After her divorce from Nagachaitanya, she focused entirely on her career.

On the one hand, she is acting in movies and on the other hand, she is active on social media. sHe enjoys travelling whenever she has time.

Samantha is very active on social media after her divorce from Nagachaitanya. Also Samantha is going viral in moments no matter what she posts after divorce.

Samantha’s latest photo shoot has sparked controversy on social media.

Netizens are surprised by the cleavage show shared by Samantha.

Commenting that Samantha is getting more and more excited after the divorce, why this extravagant beauty exposeing

The photo shoot shared by Samantha viral on social media.However, it seems that Samantha is a little upset about this.

To this extent, she expressed her displeasure to those who commented on her by trolling her on the photo shoot. Women were discriminated against on the basis of their dress, religion, education as well as their reputation in society, appearance and color.It will continue like this. We are in 2022.

It’s not right to judge women like that yet! Samantha’s impatient to see what they are wearing and how they look! Samantha’s reaction seems to have hurt her a bit.

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